Stormwater Diversion Channel

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Delivered by: Red River Valley Alliance


The Stormwater Diversion Channel and Associated Infrastructure (SWDCAI) includes a 30-mile stormwater diversion channel, a diversion outlet, and aqueducts on the Maple and Sheyenne Rivers.

There also will be:

Fourteen drainage inlets

Three railroad crossings

Two interstate crossings

Twelve county road crossings


Southern Embankment


Delivered through: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and contractors


The Southern Embankment and Associated Infrastructure (SEAI) includes a 20-mile earthen embankment and three gated control structures:


Diversion Inlet Structure

Wild Rice River Structure

Red River Structure

Each structure will have large radial-arm gates that raise and lower during project operations to control flooding.


The SEAI also involves constructing several transportation features, including an I-29 bridge crossing and 4-mile grade raise and county and township road crossings.


Mitigation Projects

Delivered by: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the MFDA in partnership with city and county governments


The comprehensive project includes numerous mitigation features, including:

An upstream mitigation area, where flowage easements will be acquired, property/structures will be removed, and cemeteries will undergo mitigation to protect the property and viewshed

Levees in Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke and Christine, North Dakota, and Wolverton, Minnesota

Wetland mitigation projects in Oxbow and at Drain 27 in North Dakota

Complementary flood-mitigation projects on the Lower Otter Tail River and in Georgetown, Comstock and Wolverton, Minnesota

The comprehensive project will follow an Adaptive Management and Monitoring Plan to monitor environmental mitigation project performance and any environmental changes after operations.


In-Town Features


City and county governments are working on in-town protection measures. Also known as Local Entity Flood Protection & Associated Infrastructure (LFPAI), this includes:

Levees and floodwalls

Stormwater lift stations

Road improvements and grade raises





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